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September 03, 2006


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Hey Mike,
I stumbled across your blog today, and read a few of your recent posts. Thanks for the tip on HEC. I'll have to watch that stock over the coming weeks. Do you think their positive trailing EPS will hold up?

I'm going to do a short post on my blog listing a few worthy stock market blogs. I'll include a link to yours.

Take care and keep up the good work,


Funny looking financials - the revenue compared to cost of goods sold is huge, but their SG&A is all over the map and seems to have eaten a lot of the profits (until last quarter). Guess my question would be how you can project future financials when past ones are so up and down. Certainly the potential EPS looks nice though.


Hay mike,
I think retail is the next favoriate of the bull market with oil coming down.
what do u think of LIZ? You wrote about it before. I am also thinking to buy ANF and LUX. do you have a view on these stocks?


Started following HEC after seeing your post and decided it looked awful cheap today at 0.55, so I bought 6000 shares. Are you still feeling good about it though with NG only a touch above $4? Even if they bump their production up 50% they're not going to equal their Q1 revenue on the basis of NG sales.
The other thing that I wonder about is all the nonoperating income (and/or loss) they report. Is that a consequence of speculation (presumably NG or other energy commodities) on their part? Certainly I'd expect someone in their position to pursue a sensible hedging strategy to even out their income, but the numbers make me suspect they decided to add some excitement to their numbers by doing more than just hedging...

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