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February 09, 2007


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Douglas Knight

Why do you respond to weather by buying companies instead of commodity futures?
In the past you've said you do it because these companies are leveraged because they have non-operating sources. But is a week's notice enough for them to start them?

More generally, have you done commodity speculation based on short-term weather before?

Invest Like The Rich

Why worry about it so much? There is nothing wrong with being active in your investments, but if you want to really build wealth, don't horse around with gas. Invest like the rich! Two days ago we started a blog called Invest Like The Rich that discusses how the rich invest. Not that I think you shouldn't play around a little in speculation, but don't rely on it.


Yeah, you are nuts. I hope you have at least $400,000 in net worth because I wouldn't put more than 5% of my portfolio at risk playing around with individual energy stocks. Especially not based on today's weather.

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