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July 09, 2007


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Diversify. The USA is growing at 2% while Poland for example is growing at 7%. I bought a China through Hang Seng is 50% up this half year alone.

GOP Lurker

ERS , High debt to equity ratio (3.9 by Yahoo), negative free cash flow since 2003 (reuters report), low margins. Yet, they do seem to be growing revenues decently.

SFN may suffer if the economy slows significantly, affecting hiring.

Big Mike

ERS has an interest coverage ratio of 2.5, using last year's income and the current quarter's interest expense multiplied by four. And ERS has many consecutive years of growing revenue and income. So the debt load doesn't seem to be a problem.

Yes, SFN is subject to the risk of a hiring slowdown. An acceptable risk as part of a diversified portfolio, and the company is in no danger of going under given its huge stockpile of cash.

Stock Picks

Investors are looking for a solid way to take advantage of a possible up spike in the NASDAQ exchange and the stock market as a whole. We are stepping away from our usual discussion of penny stocks and focusing on two Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Penny Stocks

Great idea! i’m going to give your plugin a shot.

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