Get to Know the Proper Ways of Utilizing a Dog Nail Clipper

Human finger nails and a dog’s nails need to be cut to keep its good shape every 2 weeks. If your dog’s nails are too long, it will keep clicking on the floor and there is a need for you to trim them. Some pet owners are afraid to cut their dog’s toenails as they may not be able to do it appropriately, causing pain to their dog’s paws. The nails of your dog will look good by knowing the methods on how to do it correctly.

Finding the best dog nail clipper to use is the first thing you have to do. There are various types of dog nail clippers including a guillotine-style used for small breeds, pliers-style for the larger breeds and the scissors-type for a little breadth nails. There are supplementary supplies that you need to get ready also such as the styptic powder in case you trim the nails of your dog too short. If you genuinely want to know the appropriate ways to cut the nails of your dog, let a veterinarian or dog groomer demonstrate it to you.

There is a perfect time when to do the clipping and you should know it once you have the dog nail clipper on hand. It is more better to trim your dog’s nails when they're relaxing and staying in a place where they feel relaxed. Most favorable time would be after having a meal or right after a play. You can also trim your dog’s nails as soon as they have taken a bath mainly because they have softer nails. Your dog will feel comfortable if you slowly rub its feet. Start the trimming procedure by holding your dog’s feet with the dog nail clipper touching his nails.

In case cutting your dog’s nails is still hard, then find a different way for it to cooperate during the procedure. Rewarding your dog with tasty treats right after trimming his nails is expressing him that you appreciate his cooperation. It is not advisable to cut the nails of your dog too short. Dog nail trimming maybe a difficult job however you can consider it as a sensible way to bond with your pet. We'd love to see your thoughts over at

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