GPS Tracing Devices Help Protect Lone Workers

Lone workers face many life threatening risks in their day to day life when compared with their office based colleagues. The GPS technology can offer them real benefits in case of any emergency. They can raise an alarm and be sure that their location can be accurately received by the concerned authority. 

A lot of people who travel for their work alone or at night are generally regarded as lone workers. Some of these occupations have a higher degree of risk than others.

Mobile workers who have to work on field away from their base comes under the lone worker category. Some more examples include workers involved on construction site, plant installation, lift and electrical repairs, decorating and paintings along with agricultural and forestry workers.

Other set of lone workers include service workers, for example- rent collectors, postal staff, social workers, drivers, medical staff, pet control workers, estate agents, sales representatives, etc. Commercial industries offer lone worker protection and hire agencies like

It is not possible to continuously supervise lone workers, but communicating with them and checking their working conditions and practices plays an important part in reducing health and safety risks.

The employer has a duty to assess the risks to their lone workers and then to take steps to avoid or control the risks identified.