Child Head Injuries and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Children are vulnerable to harm and are especially prone to dangerous brain injuries. Child head injury is a major cause of disability and death for children residing in America, with roughly one million children injured every year and an estimated 165,000 child victims requiring hospitalization. Discover about tasigna lawsuit through

Child Head Injuries and Personal Injury Lawsuits

A child injury attorney can help you determine who's to blame for your child's brain injury, in addition, to recover damages for their medical bills and long-term expenses via a personal injury lawsuit.

Causes of Child Head Injuries

The best danger for a child to sustain a head injury is through an automobile crash, like an automobile crash or SUV rollover crash. But that's only one resource for traumatic brain injury in children.

  • Child pedestrian accident
  • Bicycle injury
  • Bathtub slip-and-fall
  • Swimming pool or diving board incident
  • Physical abuse
  • Sledding, skiing or other sports/activities

If your child's head injury was sustained during an accident or incident brought on by the negligence or malicious act of a person, manufacturer or business, you and your child victim may be qualified to apply for a personal injury lawsuit.

Lasting Effects of Child Brain Injury

Due to the unpredictable and life-threatening character of child head injuries, it's crucial to always seek immediate medical care in case your child has suffered any sort of head trauma.

Beyond the immediate medical issues, the new scientific study by the American Psychological Association suggests that children who are the victims of brain injury may undergo the effects of the injury for many years following the episode, with a few symptoms not appearing until long after the initial damage was done.

Atherosclerosis — The Silent Killer

A very frequent question – what exactly is atherosclerosis? Only the simple fact that so many men and women ask this particular question is alarming in itself; nonetheless, the outcome of this disorder cause countless deaths throughout the world every year.

Atherosclerosis is the end result of deposits of fatty wax-like substances, cholesterol, and our body's waste products, calcium, and other compounds. These deposits collect and build upon the interior of the arteries. This build-up is often known as plaque. Basically, consider the lime-scale that builds up within your pipes in your home. This may lead to malfunctions of domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. If you reside in a place with "heavy" water, then you might need to frequently clean the filters out of your machinery. For more details about tasigna atherosclerosis, please visit

Atherosclerosis -- The Silent Killer

One of the frightening things about atherosclerosis is the fact that it's an autoimmune disease, meaning with no signs. That is right – you do not feel something! It's a long, slow, complicated disease which frequently begins in childhood and progresses through the years. In the others, the progress is much faster. But how does the interior layer of an artery become ruined?

There are 3 proven Ways the innermost layer of an artery can become broken:

  • High levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the bloodstream
  • elevated blood pressure
  • smoking

With harm, the artery wall, fatty deposits, cholesterol, calcium and other substances collect over the wounded area. This, then, will decrease the inner diameter of the artery through which blood flows, thus resulting in a reduction and a decrease in oxygen supply.